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How long will delivery take?

Our depot operates Monday to Friday (Asia/Pacific time).

  • We make every effort to ship orders within 48 hours of receiving payment – you will receive an email notifying you when the order has been shipped. 
  •  Estimated delivery time Monday to Friday and does not include weekends and public holidays*.  
  • I didnt receive shipment notification - please log in to your account to view shipment details.
  • Delivery time is calculated from date of shipping from depot.
  • Delivery time frames for international services vary depending on the destination and international airline service levels.
  • Areas outside of metropolitan cities may experience longer delivery timerames.
  • What is Preshipment - Origin post is Preparing Shipment?


  • Express 2-3 work days* (USA only)
  • Priority Paid Shipping: 5-10 business days*  
  • Free Registered Post : 14-21 business days* 

* Fee Applies -  Some shipping methods are not offered for all destinations.

 **Important notice - Shipping delays can happen due to airline schedules, unexpected severe weather conditions and shortage of labour. 

Please understand delays are out of the shippers control. If you experience a delay, please contact us for a solution. We will make our best efforts to help you and your horse out.

Happy horse = Happy horse owner! 

How to Track my order?