How long will delivery take?

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Our depot operates Monday to Friday (Asia/Pacific time).

  • We make every effort to ship orders within 48 hours of receiving payment – you will receive an email notifying you when the order has been shipped. 
  •  Estimated delivery time Monday to Friday and does not include weekends and public holidays*.  
  • I didnt receive shipment notification - please log in to your account to view shipment details.
  • Delivery time is calculated from date of shipping from depot.
  • Delivery time frames for international services vary depending on the destination and international airline service levels.
  • Areas outside of metropolitan cities may experience longer delivery timerames.
  • What is Preshipment - Origin post is Preparing Shipment?
  • What is an Exception? - Post has received your package and is processing shipmentinto the domestic postal network. Process can take 3 business days.


  • Express 2-3 work days* (USA only)
  • Priority Paid Shipping: within 7 business days*  
  • Free Registered Post : within 14 business days* 

* Fee Applies -  Some shipping methods are not offered for all destinations.

Shipping delays can happen due to airline schedules, unexpected severe weather conditions and shortage of labour. 

Please understand delays are out of the shippers control. If you experience a delay, please contact us for a solution. We will make our best efforts to help you and your horse out.

Happy horse = Happy horse owner! 

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