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Payment Declined Zip Code error

When setting upĀ your Abler account, one of the fields that you have to fulfil is theĀ ZIP/Postal codeĀ field.  

It may happen at checkout, you will receive the error notification stating that yourĀ ZIPCODE is invalid. This error occurs when the ZIP code that you have provided is not the same as theĀ ZIP code and actual address assigned to your Credit Card.

The most likely reason for this situation is that the ZIP code of your Credit Card matches the another address. 

The best way for you to get the correct ZIP code is toĀ contact the bankĀ that has issued the Credit Card for you. Your bank should provide you with this information on the spot. Also, if you have anyĀ billsĀ orĀ documentsĀ on which you can find your Credit Cardā€™s info, you can use the address provided there as well. 

Once you have the correct billing details, add new address to your Abler account.