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Is eCheck a safe payment method?

E-Check (USA) is currently no longervaccepted. (effective 23rd April 2021)

E-Checks are inherently more secure than paper checks. They are also subject to additional consumer protections (USA – Regulation E).  

The five major security components for e-Check transactions are:

  • Authentication: This is the process whereby the payments provider verifies the individual submitting the account information. Authentication ensures that fraudulent payment information is not submitted to the merchant.
  • Encryption: This is the process of “masking” sensitive data, rendering it non-sensitive—and thus useless—if it’s stolen. Encryption is required for all ACH transactions including eChecks, that occur over unsecured electronic networks.
  • Public key cryptography: This is part of the encryption process and is used in ciphering the data, to protect it in transit.
  • Digital signature: A digital signature with time stamps is an encryption process used to ensure that eCheck transactions cannot be fraudulently duplicated.
  • Certificate Authorities: Certificate Authorities issue Digital Certificates like the SSL Certificate to protect information, encrypt transactions, and enable secure communication.
  • Duplicate detection: This is a fraud detection strategy that monitors for duplicate eCheck transactions and suspicious activity. 

If your order is urgent and you wish to expedite shipping, email proof of payment (ie. screenshot of the transaction or reference number) to Customer Support. Once we receive your payment evidence, we will prepare your order for shipment.