Feeding Tips: AbPrazole & AbPrazole Plus Granules

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Omeprazole in granule form is typically the easiest to administer. 

It is important to remember that the granules should not be soaked and over exposed to water as this will damage their enteric coating, though granules may be top dressed to feed dampened with a substance like molasses or oil.

As molasses does not damage omeprazole's enteric coating, it is possible to prepare dampened feed in advance.  

Ideas for feeding granules including:  

Banana, peanut butter, apple sauce, molasses(unsweetened is best), baby food - pick a fav taste that your horse loves. Get creative and make a horse treat cookie or muffin. Keep the water and soaking in water based liquid to a minimum (10mins maximum) so as not to less the effectiveness of enteric coated omeprazole granules.


Mix granules with oil and vinegar  




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