Earn Abler Points: Submit Video Review

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Product review videos are now the most popular way to share information about products. A product review video about how the Abler product you used which helped your horse will assist the horse community to make a more informed decision about purchasing the correct Abler product for their situation. Get filming and create a product review video and submit it to Abler and we will reward. 

Best Tips for Creating a Great Video 

  • While some of these suggestions are iPhone-specific, many can be applied to other smartphones, too!Ideal length 30 secs
  • Don’t shoot vertical video – Turn your phone to horizontal position 
  • We would love to see your horse and Abelr product in video
  • Videos with subtitles are a huge bonus to viewers of your video - these days the sound is turned off or down.

To submit your video- contact Abler Customer Support

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