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When deciding whether to treat equine ulcers with AbPrazole (omeprazole) or AbSucralfate (sucralfate), it is important to first identify the type of ulcer being treated. 

Comparing AbPrazole and AbSucralfate when treating gastric ulcers

In the case of gastric ulcers, AbPrazole works to reduce the production of stomach acid. This will stop the formation of new ulcers. While AbPrazole is assisting to prevent the formation of new ulcers, AbSucralfate can be used concurrently to assist the healing and pain of existing ulcers by creating a protective coating on the surface of the ulcer.  

Comparing AbPrazole and AbSucralfate when treating hindgut ulcers

When treating hindgut ulcers, AbSucralfate plays a large part in the healing and prevention process. AbSucralfate provides a protective coating to the horse’s hindgut and allows existing ulcers to heal while also preventive new ulcers from forming.

AbPrazole does not stop the formation of new ulcers in the hindgut. Successfully healing and preventing hindgut ulcers requires changes to diet and lifestyle and balancing hindgut bacteria with a probiotic supplement.

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